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She cut a short hair, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and her skin was dark and dark. She is the master of our class, Chen Mengyuan.en Mengyuan was a spoiled, but her belly was brewing a lot of jokes, always saying that the students were speechless. Whenever she screams and talks, I will suspect that she was copied from the gene of the comic actor Guo Degang.remember that when the music teacher gave us an animated cartoon, she moved the classmates into cartoons based on the figure and character of the anime characters and the classmates in the class. "Look! The penguin is Wu Yang Ruo! The unlucky bear is the smile of history! Look! The lizard is like me! Haha!" Chen Mengyuan said to us in a vivid way Marlboro Cigarettes, "Chen Hongxi and the small in "Cat and Mouse" The cat is exactly the same! Hu Jiacheng is like a Tom cat, Jiang Yan! Mouse Jerry is Jiang Yan!" most interesting thing is her funny host. That day, she swayed into the classroom and saw Jiang Yan and Feng Enzhen holding a fierce "battle", and she immediately presided over the farce. "Everyone, today we held a men's Guild Wars in Class 501," she only listened to her long laughter. "Oh! Jiang Yan will make your ecstasy 18 fists and show your masculinity." Jiang Yan listened to Chen Mengyuan��s words and immediately counterattacked. At this time, Chen Mengyuan said: "Feng Enzhen, you are going to make your tricks - Jiuyin white bone claws! Let him fight back!" After three hundred rounds Wholesale Cigarettes, Chen Mengyuan announced to us: "You friends, No. 1 player Jiang Yan failed because he couldn't stand the No. 2 player Feng Enzhen's Jiuyin white bone claws. The program is not over yet. If you want to know what happened Newport Cigarettes, please see the next episode decomposition. Don't walk away, come back soon.�� Chen Mengyuan's host Let everyone laugh.humorous and humorous taste is notorious in the class. When a person is bullied and is crying, she will break into a smile when she says a few words. When the students encounter difficulties and are unhappy, listening to her jokes, they will open their eyes Newport Cigarettes Website. It is. She always loves to break the silence Newport 100S. Sometimes, even the serious teacher Wang will be teased and laughed by her!! This is the humor master of our class! She is simply a happy machine, creating unlimited fun for us. 

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