Video conferencing who ups and downs, soft and hard combination or into a new favorite


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Video conferencing who ups and downs, soft and hard combination or into a new favoriteVideo conferencing who ups and downs, soft and hard combination or into a new favorite

Mobile Internet technology rapid development, enterprise office mobile trend is more and more obvious. Mobile information research center CIO ecological survey shows that 47.1% of respondents CIO said that mobile performance for the business to bring a great role in promoting, and that it can significantly improve the efficiency of communication between enterprises and customers, the market and brand Significant construction. For the future development, 58.7% of the CIO said they are deployed or have begun to test the mobile office system, and these mobile office systems and business integration is very close, the next step on the overall mobile information deployment of the enterprise will be fully operational.

As one of the most important communication tools, the conference is also moving towards mobility and cloud. In order to take into account the effect of the meeting and the convenience of the meeting, the enterprises began to value VCaaS (Video Conference as-a Service). According to the professional research report shows that the traditional hardware video equipment revenue was declining trend, VCaaS cloud video conferencing services market compound growth rate of 48% in 2019 is expected to reach 1.8 billion dollars.

The market has given a strong signal, video conferencing is still a huge demand, but the user interest gradually from the traditional hardware video conferencing began to shift to software and cloud-based solutions. So the video conference is no longer just the traditional sense of hardware-based communication tools, but began to software and mobile direction.

Traditional hardware video conferencing share lower market demand for hardware and software combination of solutions

Traditional hardware video conference meeting by the venue, professional operations and a series of restrictions, the market urgently need a new video conference reform. So what is this kind of meeting form?

The price of the hardware video conferencing has always been very loving and loving in the CIO circle. Love is the clarity of video and voice at the time of its meeting, and the high security caused by the dedicated MCU. However, the high price is the public The crowd is hated. Do not say the cost of the hardware video conferencing has been purchased, MCU rental prices each year so that high-level headache, say every time you will need a special IT staff will be arranged before the meeting and management is also a great cost, When the need for private network is not a small investment. Moreover, with the development of enterprises, hardware video conferencing needs to expand, then this means that companies need to buy more video equipment. Modern business philosophy emphasizes light assets, this expansion needs virtually increase the company’s assets, and can not see the end.

For hardware to switch software, many companies still have some concerns. The purchase of hardware video equipment has paid a very high cost, the existing hardware and video equipment all discarded, the full use of software meetings, which is probably too risky.

Pure software video conferencing for business operators will also worry about information security issues. Even though there are a lot of web conferencing products in the cloud, there are encryption technologies that claim to prevent malicious data attacks. However, the hidden dangers of public cloud naturalness can not be ignored. When organizing high-security meetings , The high level of confidentiality of the conference system is also essential. However, building a building on SaaS is not the highest level of confidentiality.

Since the limitations of hardware video conferencing, software video conferencing security is poor, then a combination of hardware and software video conferencing has become a historical necessity. Will not let the enterprise to give up the old video conferencing equipment, but also to ensure the safety of the meeting, while the enterprise to save a lot of meeting costs, why not?

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