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In her book, Jennersaid Kris knew about her struggle as early as fashion kids clothing free shipping the '90s, writing, "I tell Kris about my gender issues before I make love to her." But, she added, "This will always be a subject of dispute between Kris and me as to how much she could intuit about my gender issues. She insists she was taken by surprise by my ultimate transition to Caitlyn."

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The last chapter delves into nitty gritty details and costs of plastic surgery procedures from liposuction to vaginoplasty (gulp) teetering on TMI territory. Min demystifies Botox for regular folks who might be intimidated, noting that in Los Angeles, it's as common as a teeth cleaning. Her clinical, informative descriptions are careful not to promote the knife, but instead warn against the dangers of turning into Critics may say the book feeds our collective obsession with the superficial, but Min seems to walk a fine line promoting the tools and methods of celebrities, without deifying them.

Parents and educators say when bullyproofing programs are done right, kids can be taught the social and emotional skills they need to avoid becoming victims. But bullyproofing is not just about getting bullies to move on to a different target. It's also about creating a culture of kindness, beginning in preschool, and encouraging kids to develop strong friendships that can prevent the social isolation sometimes caused by extreme bullying.

Spoiler alert! The descendants the villains' children eventually do choose good over evil. But why? Why did the Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos go against everything their parents had taught them in exchange for a new set of ideals and values? Why did they adopt an entirely new way of life?

Choosing my children's Halloween costumes was much easier when they were toddlers. Either I borrowed costumes from friends, found one in their heap of dress up clothes, or pulled something from the $10 rack at Marshall's. Now that my kids are older and have strong opinions finding the right Halloween costume is a little more taxing and slightly more expensive.

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