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Muay Thai is a form of martial arts developed in Thailand. It has been made popular due to tremendous support to MMA or Mixed Martial Arts which uses Muay Thai as a fighting skill. For those who have seen Muay Thai bouts , the blows and physical contact seem painful. Unlike boxing where only fists are used, Muay Thai and MMA athletes are also allowed to use their legs to kick their opponent. While Muay Thai and the MMA were predominantly male, there are women venturing into the sport and many are happy about it.

Calorie Burner

Aside from being a form of martial arts, there are other benefits to practicing this sport. Muay Thai is a good form of cardiovascular exercise that will help you lose weight, tone muscles and burn calories with regular practice. According to experts , Muay Thai can help burn up to 1500 calories. Practicing this martial art uses a lot of movement and exertion, making it an efficient calorie burner. Muay Thai also makes you sweat a lot so it also helps the body eliminate waste and toxins giving you healthy glowing skin.

Flexibility, Strength And Agility

Aside from physical fitness, practicing Muay Thai can also help improve flexibility, strength and agility. Muay Thai requires repetitive movements , extension of limbs and muscles and force. This will help the joints to become flexible with time. Kicking and hitting an opponent requires force so over time, muscles will strengthen and become stronger. And because your opponent will likely kick and hit you back, you will learn to dodge these blows thereby improving your agility.

Strategy and Mental Strength

Keeping your body fit is just as important as keeping your mind sharp and focused. Practicing Muay Thai can help the brain focus on the task at hand and improve concentration. Players will also need their wits with them as they strategize and plan during the bout. Remember that the other player is also scheming against you in order to land blows efficiently or knock you out. This means that you will be constantly on your toes dodging attacks while strategizing on how to counter and land efficient blows yourself. The improvement in concentration and mental strength will come with regular practice. So don't be surprised when you will be able to predict your opponent's next move during your next practice session.


Regular practice of Muay Thai also instills discipline. For the body to lose or maintain weight, regular practice is necessary. Most forms of martial arts require the athlete to be committed to the goal at hand. Whether it is to become a great Muay Thai warrior, have a fit body , lose weight or MMA superstar, the sport requires discipline and commitment for the athlete to reach these goals. In other words, Muay Thai will help you stay focused and out of trouble

Muay Thai is a fun social sport that is open to people of all ages. Even seniors can safely practice Muai Thai with a competent instructor who will teach them basic movements to help with their coordination and improve health. Muay Thai is a good alternative to boxing can help burn lots of calories and build self confidence.

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