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Education studio classroom solution

Education studio classroom solution

How to customize the program for our school, for the cloud education platform to show, through to support the remote interactive classroom, the main teaching and research, online lectures, high-quality courses, micro teaching and research and other useful functions.

Through the development of solutions and how to customize the cloud education program, to achieve full HD recording and broadcasting system.

Education and recording studio customization: First of all, for the program, the program to recording and broadcasting as the core of the equipment, through the collection of quality courses for the resources to achieve the inter-school interactive teaching to provide a hardware platform, Broadcast workstation as the core of the recording and broadcasting system, we are for the modern through the embedded high stability and PC-based high-performance basis, through the design concept for the module to maintain a good compatibility and high scalability The
For the multi-level area of ​​the information platform in terms of the region within the mass recording resources to carry out an effective amount of clearance, through the construction of the recording and broadcasting requirements for the teaching scene video, this can be automatically uploaded to the cloud platform Space, and can be submitted to the level, to show the construction of teaching resources, through the regional nature of the teaching of the construction of resources, the role of management can be used to achieve the different levels of the use of the authority, so that you can record resources To more depth of sharing and support, so more effective protection of the use of personnel in the management of a wider range of applications.
Rich module application
Through the application of education for the recording and broadcasting is not only stay in the construction stage of resources, but also to have a rich and typical practical role, to master, through the recording and broadcasting to achieve the urban and rural network to school, cover enough Regional resources to build up to share, so that can more effectively promote the balanced development of high quality education.
We can use network platform, teacher can carry out network of host computer research and development at any time by means of high degree of sharing of resources to realize regional education, and, through online lectures, etc. A variety of forms of network teaching and research to carry out activities to promote the professional development of teachers, so for the recording and broadcasting can continue to perfect the teaching of micro-courses, such a division of a lesson, so you can get more personalized learning , As well as the overall level of professional education information.

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